‘Now, don’t be funny,’ Clyde said. ‘You must understand, it’s too heavy for an individual to participate in these meetings over here, to go into that God business,’ Joseph said. ‘It’s indirect agitation. There’s a confliction … It’s frictional psychology,’ Leon said. From which Rokeach deduced that ‘a psychotic is a psychotic only to the extent that he has to be… The best Rokeach can manage is the acknowledgment that psychosis ‘may sometimes represent the best terms a person can come to with life’.
— Jenny Diski reviewing Milton Rokeach’s The Three Christs of Ypsilanti where three skitzophrenics believing to be Christ were brought together in an insane asylum as a case study in identity. The book ultimately serves as “a way of explaining the terror of the human condition, and the astonishing fact that people battle for their rights and dignity in the face of that terror, in order to establish their place in the world, whatever they decide it has to be.